Brookside Hall organises courses and seminars with the aim of equipping university students with some fundamental or very handy skills for their future career and life.

Up to date, the following have been offered:

  • Leadership Seminars: once a year, Brookside Hall organises a weekend session during which students – led in their thinking by prominent guest speakers – share their ideas about some of today’s hottest topics.
  • Courses: Brookside Hall organises courses aimed at developing specific professional skills in students.
    • Time Management Course: 2010
    • Stock-Broking Course: 2011
    • Public Speaking Course: 2012
  • Forums: Brookside Hall hosts forums on topics often suggested by the students themselves. To date there have been cine-forum session and documentary-based forum sessions.
  • Personal mentoring: students who so wish may be helped by more senior students in their study method and in specific subjects that they may find difficult.